In the Spring of 2014 my wife Barbara and I moved to the Capital Region of New York. In a very short time I've had many great musical encounters ranging from big band to duo. In each situation I've learned a lot and hopefully am applying what I've learned to my writing and playing. 

From my beginnings in Indianapolis IN with great mentors like Jim Edison, Steve Allee, Alan Foust, Alan Kiger and John Von Ohlen, to time in San Francisco playing with and writing for Fil Lorenz's Collective West Jazz Orchestra and the Monday Night Jazz Band at College of San Mateo, and then on to Colorado Springs, CO and Thin Air Jazz and Bonestrings; my life has been a continuing period of education in the art of jazz. 

Now we're here and the fun continues! In the past five years I've had the great fortune to work with the John Esposito Sextet, Skip Parson's Riverboat Jazz Band, PEM and the Concert Jazz Band that we started in 2015. I've started an organ quartet with Joe Barna, Mike Newman and Keith Pray. Played duo and trio with Mark Kleinhaut, Joe Finn and Lou Smaldone.

2020 Looks like it will have some interesting musical adventures; a new octet, Joe Barna's big band and whatever John Esposito comes up with. Maybe more at Mt Greylock (the septet did two jazz festivals there in 2017 and 2018.)

The future looks great and I'm looking forward to playing/writing/learning more.